Monday, February 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle...

Hi Friends!

So, life has changed a lot since last we met...

First of all, it's 2012!!! It's been ages since I've posted on this blog(Bad Joel!!!).

As you know from my previous posts, My Henry and I spent the greater part of last year becoming licensed foster parents. It was quite a rollercoaster. The end result of that effort was the placement of our little Foster Guy, Zion(the cutest little 4 month old muffin you ever seen!!!). He came to us in September, the day after we received notification of our licensure. Henry and I spent the next four months giving him all the love we had at a time when he really needed it. For reasons of privacy, I won't say why he came into our care. Some of you, friends that we see on a regular basis, know a bit about his story. To the rest of you, I will only say that he needed a miracle when he came to us, and I hope that We were just that.

Those four months were some of the most magical of my life.

He recently went home to his Grandmother, and the rest of his Family late in January. They were nice people who had only ever been kind to Henry and I. I was a little sad at the time, but I felt good about him going home. He deserved to grow up with his Brother, to know the love of his Grandparents, and the sweet kisses of his Mommy.

The only sadness that I allowed myself was a few tears over the fact that, as I realized one afternoon before he left, he would never be able to tell anyone that he missed Henry or I(since he's not verbal yet).

F.Y.I. Henry and I have heard that he's doing wonderfully now that he's back with his Family thanks to his amazing Guardian Ad Litem!!!

Now again, some of you might know, that this did not leave Henry and I with an empty home...

In addition to becoming Foster Parents last September, We welcomed our Son, Benjamin Juan Amador-Batten to the world late in October!!! I feel like I'm leaving readers with some gaps in information, what with my sometimes infrequent blogposts, but I hope that I'm leaving you all with a sense of happiness that the research, the effort, and even the sadness at times during the course of our journey has paid off.

Life is good.

Ben is almost four months old.


  1. I love the life story of your little family! God bless all of you, give Ben a hug from me, Loveya !

  2. Beautiful blog entry. My wife and I had the surprisingly wonderful experience of being foster parents and are lucky to still be in our daughters life today (almost four years later).