Monday, September 12, 2011

Just a Thought...

I just want to share a thought with you, my little one(s) and with you, my readers...

But first, some of the wonderful things that people have had to say to us since we were placed with our first little guy via Foster Care.

"I'm so happy for you guys!!! Mazel tov!!!"

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I don't think a Facebook comment can express how frickin' happy I am for you and Henry and Baby Z. Sending you 1000 hugs. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!"

"Are you referring to Henry or your first Foster Child?"

"What's that new fragrance you're wearing? Regurgitated formula? It's exhausting, messy, and sometimes stressful, but always beautiful."

"Just wanted to say that I work with Special Ed preschoolers, and I see the difference that their Foster Parents make in their lives. So, I thank you and Henry both for being Foster Parents!"

"Welcome to the club! Life, as you know it, will never be the same. I am sooo happy for you both and even happier for Z...he is a lucky little dude! And by the way Joel, The Stroller Does Make You Look Gay! :-) xoxo! Your blog is very guys need your own reality show. I think there is an opening on TLC(Kate just got axed)."

Now, Back to my thought...

I've spent a great deal of time with this blog talking about how, one day, I would "Make My Family." My thought as I was driving home today with a box full of lovely baby things that a friend has given us to make use of was this...I have already begun "Making My Family." The love that has poured out of people for Henry and I during these last few days feels very "Family" to me.

Thank you Everyone for all of your well-wishes and advice. Thanks for being so supportive. Thanks for all of the extra resources you're sending our way in whatever form. And most of all, thank you being "there," whether five miles away, five hundred, or five thousand miles've made our house very "full."

Thanks for reading.

Friday, September 9, 2011

And Awaaaaaaaaaaaaay We Go!!!

I'll bet you thought it was going to be another couple of days before you heard from me, didn't you?


Today September 9, 2011...while we were at work, Henry and I got the call for our first Foster Care Placement!!!!!!!

It was funny and surreal. Not scary at all. I felt very matter-of-fact about it. We've waited and planned for this day, and it was finally here...finally.

The crazy part is running to Target to get some see, when you go pick a little person up for Foster Care, you never know what stuff they'll come with.

I'd never given myself the pleasure of spending much time in the baby department of the store. How the hell do you find anything in there???

It's all so little!!!!

I'd gone by myself because Henry was working, and I found myself on the phone with my Mother every 5 seconds. I didn't even know which baby lotion or soap to pick up.

Diaper size anyone???

I'm laughing now, but I was freaking out a little. I wish there had been a camera...and a mic...Seriously.

We left work today, headed over to the appointed location, and picked up the Cutest Little Muffin you've ever seen. I can't say too much about him or the situation that he came to us from. This is Foster Care, and it maybe be temporary, but it sure is a good start.

Here's to semi-sleepless nights and feeling a little fried in the morning!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay...I don't mean to overexcite anyone, but as of today September 8, 2011, Henry and I are officially Licensed Foster Parents!!!!!!!!!!

We have not been called with our first placement yet. I repeat, there is no child in our home yet.

But as of now, it could literally happen at any moment.

We're so happy. If you've been keeping up with my blog at all for the last year, you'll know that we've explored all manner of ways to become parents...some bordering on science fiction.

It feels weird to think that we could get a call tomorrow. We wonder if we're ready. We hope that the house is still in ship shape like it was the day of our Home Study with our licensing agency. We talk about what the hell we're going to do with a kid with both of us working as much as we do.

It's funny.

We'll figure it out...the same way every other parent out there does.

And we'll be great Dads.

I'd love to post more...when there's more to post.

Well, I do have one more thing.

Henry and I are keeping a little secret.

Some of you may know what it is. We've only told a few people out there...just so that we get some extra good thoughts and prayers.

You'll have to stay tuned to find out more...