Thursday, September 2, 2010

paper in my pocket...

the other day i was feeling a little melancholy about the fact that i fell like i'm at a bit of a roadblock with regards to this blog, and my next steps on the journey to i wrote down a little girl's name and a little boy's name on a piece of paper, and i stuck it in my wallet.

i won't tell you the names. you'll all meet them one day. i promise.

i just needed a little positive affirmation for when i feel down.

starting this Blog has inspired to me to look into and to become a part of (or active in)organizations which are making moves in the fight for marriage equality and for getting adoption laws changed in our state. hopefully our upcoming vacation to Spain and Morocco will be restful and galvanizing for the both of us. i'm very excited to get involved...which you shall all hear about in due time.


1 comment:

  1. Love to you dear Joel... I keep hearing/reading the words 'let go of the outcome'. It's kind of an over-used statement but if you think about it, it's good advice. Just BE dynamic when you're inspired to be and between times, carve those names onto your heart... day you will be reading stories to them. I promise.