Sunday, October 31, 2010

For Your Father on His Forty-Seventh Birthday...

you know i don't believe in much.
my personality will only let me appear
just so spiritual,
and i'm far from "touchy-feely,"
but i believe in me
and i believe in you.
i have faith in the life we're making
because you make me better than i am,
and for whatever reason
my "crazy" hasn't scared you off just yet.
i believe our love clears the way
for infinite possibilities
for a family, travel to far-flung places,
fits of hysterical laughter,
quiet mornings reading the paper,
and the two of us
turning into old men together.
i believe "the world just gets out of our way"
so that our dreams can come true.
just us, just you, just me.



  1. That is totally beautiful Joel. Henry is so lucky and so are you. That the two of you share a love which inspires you to write such poetic words is simply fantastic. You are blessed. Henry is blessed... and I am blessed to be allowed to share - through your words - such an amazing and profound affection.

  2. Gosh Joel. You must moved my heart so much, I cried.

    I will be very 'touchy-feely' with you when you're standing next to me!! xx