Thursday, September 8, 2011


Okay...I don't mean to overexcite anyone, but as of today September 8, 2011, Henry and I are officially Licensed Foster Parents!!!!!!!!!!

We have not been called with our first placement yet. I repeat, there is no child in our home yet.

But as of now, it could literally happen at any moment.

We're so happy. If you've been keeping up with my blog at all for the last year, you'll know that we've explored all manner of ways to become parents...some bordering on science fiction.

It feels weird to think that we could get a call tomorrow. We wonder if we're ready. We hope that the house is still in ship shape like it was the day of our Home Study with our licensing agency. We talk about what the hell we're going to do with a kid with both of us working as much as we do.

It's funny.

We'll figure it out...the same way every other parent out there does.

And we'll be great Dads.

I'd love to post more...when there's more to post.

Well, I do have one more thing.

Henry and I are keeping a little secret.

Some of you may know what it is. We've only told a few people out there...just so that we get some extra good thoughts and prayers.

You'll have to stay tuned to find out more...


  1. Science fiction. Lol! I wish I had been this prepared to be a parent. It just happened to me. Biggest blessing ever, but whoa. :) Keep me posted on the "secret". XO

  2. Hi Joel and Henry. Just read this and am so thrilled for you both that everything is working:) The universe takes care of us all....and it shows...doesn't it??? You will be amazing parents and any child who is fortunate to be fostered with you will be extremely lucky. God is smiling. (and so am I!)

  3. I see two rockin' dads in the making! I hope all your friends who are so happy now will also be so happy to babysit!!! :-) Love ya