Friday, September 9, 2011

And Awaaaaaaaaaaaaay We Go!!!

I'll bet you thought it was going to be another couple of days before you heard from me, didn't you?


Today September 9, 2011...while we were at work, Henry and I got the call for our first Foster Care Placement!!!!!!!

It was funny and surreal. Not scary at all. I felt very matter-of-fact about it. We've waited and planned for this day, and it was finally here...finally.

The crazy part is running to Target to get some see, when you go pick a little person up for Foster Care, you never know what stuff they'll come with.

I'd never given myself the pleasure of spending much time in the baby department of the store. How the hell do you find anything in there???

It's all so little!!!!

I'd gone by myself because Henry was working, and I found myself on the phone with my Mother every 5 seconds. I didn't even know which baby lotion or soap to pick up.

Diaper size anyone???

I'm laughing now, but I was freaking out a little. I wish there had been a camera...and a mic...Seriously.

We left work today, headed over to the appointed location, and picked up the Cutest Little Muffin you've ever seen. I can't say too much about him or the situation that he came to us from. This is Foster Care, and it maybe be temporary, but it sure is a good start.

Here's to semi-sleepless nights and feeling a little fried in the morning!!!


  1. Congratulations to you and Henry, I am so touched by your selflessness and have the utmost respect for you two. That child is so lucky to get to spend time with you. If you need any baby advice, hit me up!

  2. Ok Joely...from one jew to (almost) another....If your gonna be one of us you have to say it like it is!" Here's to very sleepless nights & feeling a lot fried in the morning" Good luck buddy! It's hard but sooo worth it>
    You guys are going to do great!!!!!

  3. The nicest blessing to take place at a time when everyone's heart is hurting. Post lots of pictures of this little darling and everyone will have something to be positive about. Welcome to your new family and know you will be loved and cared for. Many blessings to you all.