Monday, August 9, 2010

Florida Law

today is the day that i received a little clarification regarding Florida adoption law...uncertainty and my being just at the beginnings of my research on all things gay adoption/surrogacy lead me to contact a local attorney's office. the answer is as follows...

"Unfortunately, the Law does not permit a person in a homosexual relationship to adopt, wether from the state or privately. If a person is not in a homosexual relationship; i.e, cohabitating with a person of the same sex, then he or she may be able to adopt. Please call if you would like further clarification."

now, i think i thought i knew this, since the day that i got my first response from that adoption agency recently. i'm not suprised. i think i mourned a little that day...i did a little bit today when i got this repsonse, and i don't think that i need any more "clarification."

i'd read this same bullshit on some website or forum about someone not being in a relationship being able to slip through the cracks, and actually get a child placed with them for adoption. i also read some things about couples actually splitting up for a while in order to be able to adopt. All this based on the sympathies of some people who work within the system, and their personal openess and empathy with regards to gays who would be willing to use deception to build their families.

to that i say, there is no way i would go through the process of meeting someone, falling in love, becoming the best of friends, getting "hitched," and actually making the decision to make a family...just so that Henry and i could live in seperate houses and pretend not to be exactly what we are, MARRIED FAGS, in order to have a kid.

never fear's just a little "shot in the arm" for me. we have the will, so there will be a way.


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